Book – Mind to Money

Ken Tarlow has been helping people turn their new product ideas into reality for over 30 years, resulting in the development of over 1,000 products worth well over one billion dollars in retail sales. “Mind to Money” is his collected wisdom about the entire process – from finding and evaluating your idea to creating prototypes, getting patent protection, learning about licensing and manufacturing options, and more. This is your ultimate guidebook for profiting from your product ideas.

The product development process can be a winding road. “Mind to Money” will help straighten out that road. Inside you’ll discover revealing insights into the creative process, and to how to develop your product safely and quickly. The effective methods you’ll soon learn will save you money and countless hours of precious time. Ken’s goal is to help you minimize the risk involved with product development, and maximize your chances of making big money with your idea.

So – Take the plunge! Follow along with Ken as he shows you how to make your ideas become a reality and your products fly off the shelves in stores across the nation.