CAD Engineering Drawings

We’ll Design Each Part Of Your Product with Total Accuracy

Our state of the art “solidworks” CAD Drafting software enables Tarlow Design to do each part of your consumer product design with total accuracy. We design every part with manufacturing in mind so that it can be made efficiently and economically. Material choices, wall thicknesses and assembly techniques are all taken into consideration. We prepare CAD packages for manufacturers to review, resulting in accurate estimates for tooling costs and component part prices.

Our Solidworks CAD software also performs stress analysis on all product parts to determine if wall thicknesses are appropriate for the load they will face. Our years of experience with plastic parts in consumer product design ensures that your parts will be easy to manufacture, with proper wall thicknesses and drafts.

Undercuts will be kept to a minimum. Undercuts require expensive slides in the steel injection molds and slow down cycle time. Often we can find ways of combining parts so that assembly is quicker, and the overall unit cost is reduced.

Recent advances in “overmolding” techniques allow us to design soft grip parts that are fused onto rigid housings, giving your product a great feel and look.

Our team of engineers and artists work together to ensure that your product looks and works the way you intended it to. We give you access to free software, enabling you to view the CAD assembly drawings of your product so that you can rotate, zoom and section the drawings to see the interaction of all parts.

Your CAD files can be used to:

  • Create 3D printed parts for building prototypes or for obtaining price quotes from manufacturers regarding one time tooling charges and price per part estimates.
  • Create realistic renderings of your finished product for use in business plans or investor presentation meetings.

We are also able to create animations of your product and produce life-like renderings that can be used for business investment presentations.