Licensing Assistance

We’ll Help You Attract a Company that Wants to License Your Product

There are two primary approaches to making money with your new product idea. One is to manufacture and market it yourself. The other is through product licensing, where you license your idea to a manufacturer and earn a royalty on each unit sold. Tarlow Design will work with you to bring your idea to life, regardless of which option you choose.

We offer a free 32-page comprehensive Product Licensing Guide to show you how to find and attract a licensee. We can also help prepare the sales materials you will need to make your presentation to interested manufacturers and marketing companies. These include working prototypes, patents, realistic renderings and animations. when you find an interested party, we can help you prepare a product licensing agreement and negotiate a fair royalty payment. We can also connect you with a licensing attorney, if you decide to take that route.

Tarlow Design always recommends the “silver platter” approach to licensing. Our silver platter approach has dramatically helped the success rate of the products we have developed because all aspects of the product have been thought through, and the illusion of a finished-manufactured product has been created before one dime has been spent on tooling or manufacturing!

The silver platter product licensing package includes:

  • A good-looking, working prototype
  • Packaging
  • A patent pending
  • Pricing
  • An O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is lined up to make the product
  • Positive feedback from potential store buyers who are ready to order the product

When a potential marketing or manufacturing company sees our silver platter product licensing package, all they can say is, “YES!” There are a number of consumer product development companies that shortcut this approach and scam the inventor. They tell the inventor that they can get the product placed and licensed by sending drawings to potential manufacturers and entering the invention in trade shows. They don’t actually develop the product. They have a very low rate of success, and they can charge from $5,000 to $25,000! Tarlow Design, on the other hand, produces everything you’ll need to get your product licensed!